We thrive in the group class environment but our Coaches are also highly skilled in handling individual clients. Personal Training is a fantastic way for members to interact with our coaches in a one-on-one environment. Whether you are someone with specific goals, looking to perfect a skill, enjoy the one-on-one experience, training for an event or just have a busy schedule -- Private Training is a fantastic outlet to accomplish your fitness goals.

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Here's The Results You Can Expect


Weight: 247lb

Body Fat: 26%


Fitness test time: 17:25

Bleep test score: 3.9



Weight: 220lb (27lb loss)

Body Fat: 17%

Fitness test time: 11:13

Bleep test score: 8.7



"Starting this programme with CrossFit 470 was the first step to making the big change I've wanted to make for a long time. I can't say I wasn't nervous to start, but I knew that I would really commit myself to making the change I desperately wanted. The support I got from the coaches when I first began made me feel like I could finally succeed in reaching my goals."


What was your biggest fear before starting with us?


"My biggest fear was definitely finishing last. I didn't want to be the guy everyone had to wait to finish, but I quickly found out that finishing last (actually, just finishing at all and taking part) is something to be really proud of! Everyone is so supportive and it really helped improve my confidence. Before I started, I watched videos online and started to think that CrossFit was only for elite athletes. This was a mistake! Although, top CrossFit athletes are exciting to watch, they represent the top one percent of the sport. I soon realised that the majority of people doing CrossFit are actually just like me.... Regular people, working on their fitness!"


What has been your proudest moment since working with us?


"My proudest moment was the re-test of my baseline fitness tests at the end of the program. I was amazed to see that I had more than doubled my bleep test score and shaved six minutes off my original WOD time. That really showed me how far I had come, and how much I had improved!"


Would you recommend this program? if so, why?


"I would definitely reccomend this program and here's why: Through the coaching that CrossFit 470 has provided, my overall fitness has immensely improved due to the private coaching and guidance I received. Over the ten weeks I truly became more aware of my form and understanding the movement of my body; so this really "up'd my game" a lot! It would have taken me a huge amount of time to recognise that I was doing things incorrectly in my 'globo-gym', the coaches at CrossFit 470 really encourage you to strive for the best you can be, and support you throughout the whole process. I would highly recommend this program if you want to get the results you've been hoping for, in a super positive and supportive community of like minded people!"

Rhys Lloyd

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